Born in Rochester, New York, P. Scott’s affinity for art descended upon him at a young age. From the genesis of his career in street graffiti, it was evident art was the anchor that would keep him grounded and motivated as he embarked towards putting his fingerprints on the art world. Ready to refine his intrinsic urban talents, P. Scott enrolled in The School of the Arts where he mastered conventional techniques. Upon the intermingling of those two art worlds, his invigorating signature style was manifested.

Scott’s talents led him to Chicago where his artistry preceded him. His eclectic flair was easily recognizable via the number 4 which denoted his cerebral nature of finding ways to express his thoughts and knowledge via his canvas, bold black and white stripes and patterns that represented his mixed ethnicity, origami patterns which foreshadowed the sculpting and folding he’d have maneuver through to reach his final transformation, plus red triangles playing on his fascination with Egyptian culture since childhood.  More importantly, the use of Buddha statues symbolizing reciprocal energy also made this work distinguishable. These symbols became the foundation of his artwork as he experimented with different techniques before cultivating his final style that can be seen in his newest installation “The Paper Weight.” 

Not solely wanting to be in the art business, his entrepreneurial endeavors led him to the business of art and NYCH Gallery in Pilsen’s Art District was formed. Serving as a creative gallery that promotes inclusivity and nurtures diversity, NYCH has managed to be a trailblazer in Chicago’s art scene. Both P. Scott and NYCH Gallery are widely acclaimed and praised alike for creating an atmosphere, as well as venue where people of all backgrounds feel welcomed while coming together for one cause:  ART.